This all-encompassing manual has little in common with the anaemic fact-sheets hanging limply from the noticeboard of your doctor’s surgery. The vast but little-known world of care homes, social services, voluntary organisations and rip-off commercial eldercare operations is subjected to the relentless glare we take for granted elsewhere. … Practical guidance is infused with messianic zeal.

New Statesman

This helpful and practical book … I recommend it.

British Journal of General Practice

This book … is a triumph of the mastery of a vast quantity of complex information. Well organised, well written, with a powerful grasp of the questions, complexities and feelings around old age.

The Church of England Newspaper

This guide is packed with useful information and tips.

Home and Country: The National Voice of the Women’s Institutes

A comprehensive guide to help empower elderly people and their families.

The Lady

Written in an immensely practical style, the author ‘hand-holds’ the reader through the maze of statutory and voluntary services, financial and legal information, exploding myths and challenging assumptions about becoming older on the way.

British Journal of Occupational Therapy

All older people as well as everybody who has had a stroke, old or young, as well as their carers, should find it invaluable. It is also useful to people involved professionally in the eldercare world.

Stroke News

For relatives suddenly plunged into the world of caring for an older person the book would be invaluable.

Journal of Dementia Care

This excellent publication … A practical, invaluable reference book to keep at hand.

Methodist Recorder

A well-researched and well-presented book.

Professional Social Work