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How to Handle Later Life

Marion Shoard

How to Handle Later Life, published in September 2017, is the result of 15 years of unsparing, independent, UK-wide investigation. It reveals what works, what doesn’t, and how to navigate the pitfalls which frequently confound those seeking care and support. The author, Marion Shoard, an award-winning writer, first became involved in the choices that confront older people when her mother lost her sight and developed dementia. Acclaimed for her pioneering work in the environment, she has switched her focus and produced a comprehensive – and essential – guide to later life. Read more >

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9567615-2-1 £22.99 Buy Now

Imprint: Amaranth Books

Pages: 1,160

Subject: Self-help, Health, Law, Ageing, Social issues

Date Published: September 2017

About this book

How to Handle Later Life ranges over the main issues faced as you grow older, from choice of housing to financial matters, social contact, healthcare, transport and legal questions. The wider context of the ageing body and its changing nutritional, exercise and psychological needs is also examined. Discerning, straight-talking and completely unique, How to Handle Later Life prepares us for problems many people have preferred not to think about.

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About this author

Marion Shoard is the author of seminal works on environmental issues including The Theft of the Countryside and A Right to Roam. When she turned 50, her mother went blind and developed dementia. She searched for information she suddenly needed urgently but in vain. So she decided to write a book that would prepare everyone for the final decades of life.

Further information about the author can be found on Wikipedia and her own site.


Reviews of How to Handle Later Life are beginning to come in. William Leith in the Evening Standard describes the book as “Unique, essential and considerate”. Read his full review published on August 31 here.  In the Methodist Recorder The Reverend Albert Jewell explains: “Shoard addresses in a thorough-going and balanced manner the biggest concerns and decisions people face as they grow older.” Describing the book as “reliable and comprehensive”, he goes on, “It should be found in every public library.” Jewell especially commends the section on dementia: “As someone who has been involved in dementia care and research over the years, I find the author’s chapter on this subject particularly impressive. Its 25 pages are essential reading ...” Read the full review published on September 1 here.


Thirteen years ago, in 2004, Marion Shoard wrote A Survival Guide to Later Life. Her new book, How to Handle Later Life, replaces this earlier work, deepening and updating its coverage and extending into new areas.

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